1. What is the TB12 Method?

The TB12 Method is a cutting edge training approach that Tom Brady developed with his long-time body coach to focus on preventing injury and promoting accelerated injury recovery through holistic, whole-body wellness. The approach focuses on maximizing long-term results and Tom credits the TB12 Method for his sustained peak performance as he plays in his 16th season of professional football.

The TB12 Method incorporates exercise, nutrition, hydration, rest, and unique manual tissue work techniques delivered by highly trained TB12 body coaches in order to help maximize muscle pliability and empower our clients to achieve and sustain peak performance.

2. Does TB12 focus on post-injury recovery or general performance enhancement?

Both. TB12 body coaches work with injured athletes to accelerate their recovery, and they also work with non-injured athletes to enhance these individuals’ overall performance and minimize their likelihood of experiencing non-contact injuries.

For individuals who initially visit TB12 for post-injury recovery, we recommend continuing with a training program geared toward preventing future injuries before they occur.

3. How can I adopt the TB12 Method?

The TB12 Method is delivered by body coaches at our TB12 Center in Foxboro, Massachusetts. At the TB12 Center, we analyze each client’s complete biomechanics and review his / her unique goals in order to create comprehensive, customized, sport-specific and position-specific programs that integrate cutting-edge concepts in athletic preparation, recovery, nutrition, hydration, and cognitive fitness.

4. Can anyone get an appointment at TB12?

Appointments at the TB12 Center are available to the general public. Please note that due to high demand, there is currently a waiting list for appointments with our body coaches. Please call 508.543.4900 or email info@TB12sports.com for more information about scheduling an appointment.

5. Does TB12 offer group programming?

Our method is focused on developing comprehensive, customized solutions that require extensive individual attention. Because of the individualized nature of the training, TB12 offers only a limited array of programming for groups / teams (e.g., the TB12 ACL Injury Prevention program, which we offer to schools and coaches of youth sports teams). Please email info@TB12sports.com for more information about these programs.

6. If I can’t get to TB12, what can I do?

It is possible to adopt some elements of the TB12 Method without visiting the TB12 Center: for example, our cognitive training program is available online at TB12.BrainHQ.com, and our TB12 Shoulder Performance Kit containing 12 TB12-approved resistance band exercises is available through the TB12 online store (www.TB12store.com).

7. What do you mean by "pre-hab"?

Pre-hab is a proactive approach that aims to prevent injuries before they occur (as opposed to "rehab", which is the process of helping someone return to health after injury). At TB12, we use manual tissue work, resistive exercises, and proper nutrition, hydration, rest, and cognitive training as components of pre-hab.

8. What is muscle pliability, why does it matter, and how is it created?

Pliable muscles are soft and long: increasing pliability boosts overall strength without shortening muscles. Pliable tissue is more efficient, recovers faster, and is less susceptible to injury. Note that pliability is not the same as flexibility — flexibility is simply range of motion and can result from ligament laxity.

Muscle pliability is not achieved or sustained through any individual activity, but rather through a whole-body effort. We develop muscle pliability through our comprehensive TB12 method. Pliability is improved through our manual tissue work and further promoted through proper nutrition, adequate rest, and hydration.

9. What are TB12’s nutritional recommendations?

TB12’s nutritional recommendations are tailored specifically for each TB12 client based upon his / her unique situation and goals, but overall our diet program encourages a balanced and seasonal diet, strong emphasis on hydration, and sufficient intake of foods with alkalinizing properties.

10. What are TB12’s cognitive exercises?

TB12 has partnered with a team of neuroscientists at Posit Science to develop customized online brain training software. These exercises take no more than 20 minutes a day, can be accessed through a computer or mobile app, and can help improve memory, sharpen attention, increase brain speed, enhance people skills, sharpen navigation, and boost intelligence.

Our cognitive training software is available online at TB12.BrainHQ.com and features the same exercises used by athletes at the TB12 Center.

11. Where can I buy TB12 products?

TB12 products are available exclusively through our online store at www.TB12store.com.

12. I want to be a body coach at TB12 — who should I contact?

We are always interested in speaking with qualified and motivated individuals who would like to join our team as a body coach. Please note that all of our body coaches are certified athletic trainers and/or licensed physical therapists.

For more information, please email jobs@TB12sports.com.

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