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All throughout my football career — from high school, through college, and now professionally— I’ve witnessed the impact of injuries on my friends and teammates. I’ve seen athletes get drawn into a system that too often prioritizes short-term solutions by treating symptoms instead of causes — resulting in more frequent injuries, impaired long-term performance, and even athletes' inability to maintain an active lifestyle.

About 2 million high school athletes are injured annually, requiring more than 500,000 doctor visits. College athletes are similarly susceptible to injury — with 70% reporting playing through injury at least once [1] — and over 1 million adult amateur athletes experience sport-related injury each year [2].

Tom Brain

It shouldn’t be that way, and I decided many years ago that it wouldn’t be that way for me. I’ve collaborated with my long-time body coach to create a different and more sustainable approach. Our TB12 method was designed to sustain my peak performance and it is the reason why I have been able to play at a high level throughout my athletic career. It is a comprehensive and customized method that fosters accelerated injury recovery and performance longevity in a holistic and prevention-oriented way.

At TB12 we focus on introducing our method and philosophy to active individuals, and on making athletes better through a shared commitment to sustaining peak performance.

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At the core of the TB12 method is our belief that injury prevention and wellness through pre-hab is achievable and necessary for athletes and active individuals. If injuries occur, we believe that there are faster, better, and more sustainable ways to recover than traditional rehab.

The key is in complementing traditional strength and conditioning training with muscle pliability. Pliable muscles are softer, longer, and more resilient: they help insulate the body against injury and accelerate post-injury recovery. Highly trained TB12 body coaches develop individualized programs for each client, focusing on increasing the pliability of critical muscle groups through proprietary manual tissue work techniques. The TB12 method complements that body work with the right exercises, proper nutrition, hydration, gear, and cognitive exercises that work together to lower injury rates, speed injury recovery, and help you stay at your best.

TB12 is different than
conventional training

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Conventional training focuses on
strengthening & conditioning

Strengthening — training to increase muscular power and force that allows you to conduct and complete an action: anything from getting up from a chair to throwing a ball.

Conditioning — aerobic and anaerobic activity to increase stamina and endurance that allows you to last the duration of the game or activity in which you are engaged.

With conventional training,
rehabilitation is a necessary evil

Conventional training focuses on traditional strengthening and conditioning exercises. While this can help achieve performance goals, it is usually short-term oriented and inevitably incorporates rehabilitation as a "necessary evil".

Traditional rehab, in turn, leads directly back to strengthening and conditioning, often without fixing the underlying problem. This can create a vicious cycle of strengthening, conditioning, and rehabilitation: a cycle in which rehab treats the symptoms, but not the causes — you may feel better, but you don’t get and stay better.


Proper pre-hab and whole-body wellness can significantly lower the risk of injury — and enable sustained peak performance. Our methods complement strengthening and conditioning with a critical third leg of athletic preparation: pliability.

Pliable muscles are soft, long, and capable of full activation and function: they boost strength and promote circulation of blood and lymph to help healing. We improve pliability through manual tissue work and further promote it with nutrition and hydration. Together with the right strengthening and conditioning, our programs help break the vicious cycle of injury and create a virtuous circle of sustained performance.

We also help enhance peak performance by integrating amplifier products

Functional Apparel & Gear

We work with innovative researchers, designers, and manufacturers to develop cutting-edge apparel and fitness products that complement our programs.

Functional Apparel & Gear

We also help enhance peak performance by integrating amplifier products

Functional Nutrition & Supplementation

We develop individualized nutrition plans that reflect each person's unique physiology and goals. Our plans incorporate recipes from TB12's proprietary library and integrate TB12 supplements — the best and purest in the industry.

Functional Nutrition & Supplementation Products

We also help enhance peak performance by integrating amplifier products

Cognitive Training

We work with the world-class neuroscientists who developed BrainHQ to customize cognitive exercise programs that help improve memory, sharpen attention, and accelerate visual and auditory processing — boosting performance on the field and in everyday life.


The TB12 Center at Patriot Place in Foxboro brings our purpose of sustained peak performance to life.

Our body coaches translate each client’s complete biomechanics and unique goals into comprehensive, customized, sport-specific programs that integrate cutting-edge concepts in athletic preparation, recovery, hydration, nutrition, and cognitive training.

The TB12 Center is also our demonstration and innovation platform for new performance and functional products that are available exclusively at the TB12 Center.

A limited number of appointments are available.

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The TB12 Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to maximizing the health, well-being, and athletic potential of elite young American amateur athletes by providing free access to the best available post-injury rehabilitation and performance enhancement services.


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